It has to be right

I love what I do. My professional life is dedicated to making homes that are put to the market look fantastic on the Internet, in magazines and anywhere else that agents promote them.

As well as photographing some of the finest homes in Surrey and West Sussex (£500,000 to £42,000,000), my second business, Doctor Photo, also optimises some 2,500 photos each month for estate agents around the UK and abroad.

Partly because of my 37-years’ background as an agent, (8 years ago I sold my partnership in an award-winning business), I was asked to write the 12,000-word Guidance on Property Photography for the RICS.

I don’t think it would be immodest to say that I am quite well known for what I do and this, perhaps, was the reason that 6-years ago agents began asking me to teach them how to photograph property properly. I now travel the UK doing this and I find this one of the most personally fulfilling experiences ever.

I’m proud to help agents improve their property marketing and photography because the photos they take create the very first impression that the vast majority of potential buyers will have of the homes they’re selling. Doing what I do means I make a difference to those owners and at the same time help the agents improve their brand, because professional-looking photos tell prospective vendors that their agents care enough to “get it right”.

If an agent wants to attract the best properties and potential buyers, when it comes to photography, it really has to be right.

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